Junior Certificate (1958), Anglican Grammar School, Brisbane                     

Engineering Maths 1; Engineering Drawing and Perspective 1 & 2, Central Technical College, Brisbane   



Draftsman, Cardno & Davies, Consulting Engineers, Brisbane (1957-58)        

Draftsman, Phillips Petroleum Co., Brisbane (1959-1966) 


ART STUDIES   (Without Grants or Parental Assistance)

Freehand Drawing with Ellen Howland (1957); Painting with Melville Haysom (1957-66) Intermittently, Central Technical College, Brisbane

Freehand Drawing & Etching, Graphics including Drypoint Technique, Fine Arts Academy, Perugia, Italy (1967)

Freehand Drawing, Studio Nerina Simi, Florence (1967-72)

Anatomical Drawing, Speccola Museum, Florence (1967-69) Intermittently

Fresco Painting, Freehand Drawing, Oil/Tempera Painting, Studio Pietro Annigoni, Florence, (1972-74)

Bronze Casting, Sydney University (1977)

Fine Art Lithographic Printing, Griffith University Brisbane (1991)

Fresco, Fresco Secco, Scagliola, Stucco, Lucido, Encaustic Painting, Laboratorio per Affresco di Vainella, Prato (1999)



31 exhibitions including 7 joint exhibitions



1997 & 1999 – Catholic Church, Hendra, Brisbane



Royal National Association Drawing Prize

Lions Club Art Award

Hung Archibald Prize (1972) Portrait of Don Burrows

Hung Archibald Prize (1979) Portrait of Joan Sutherland

Hung Inaugural Doug Moran Prize (1988) Portrait of Lance Holt



Fresco Painting – St John’s Cathedral, Darnell Room, Brisbane

Fresco Painting – Anglican Grammar School, Final Year Art Students, Brisbane

Florence and Fresco – Dante Alighieri Society, Brisbane

Fresco Painting – Rotary Club of Stones Corner, Brisbane

Pietro Annigoni – Dante Alighieri Society, Brisbane 

Fresco lecture -  Salisbury Studios Queensland Incorporated



Timber work and framing for paintings; preparation of works on paper for presentation; archival mounting and framing knowledge, skills to direct and instruct archival techniques; gilding, etching, lithography, bronze casting, bricklaying, tiling, metalwork



Classical, Jazz and Ethnic Music; Gardening; Gourmet Cooking; Literature, Book binding, Calligraphy, Italian Language, Honorary Life Member of the Dante Alighieri Society; Life Member NSW Art Gallery Society.



Blog article on Lance by Samantha Groenestyn : 2013

Recording Cover, George Golla, Guitarist, 1971 Cherry Pie Records, reissued on CD 1989*

Hansard Parliamentary Debates 26 Oct 1971, p 1354

Exhibition McInnes Gallery 1972 catalogue with a foreword by Maestro Pietro Annigoni, translated into English by Gail Tregare

Sydney String Quartet, cover for Quartet’s Curriculum Vitae and Repertoire, Sydney, 1978****

Portraits of Australia, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, Apple Printing Co. Pty. Ltd. Brisbane 1988 pp 12-13*

Australian Artist Magazine April 1988. Review of works by finalists inaugural Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, p 27*

Sunday Mail Newspaper 19 March 1989 p 42*

Queensland Performing Arts Complex, Programme cover, Barry Tuckwell Mozart Horn Concerti Concert, Brisbane 1990*

Artists and Galleries of Australia and New Zealand edited by Max Germaine, Sydney, 1984-90

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“Jazznotes” interviewed by Jim McCloud 24 Hours Magazine, January 1993,            pp 12-13

Wet-Wall Tattoos – Ben Long and the Art of Fresco by Richard Maschal, John F. Blair, Publisher Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA 1993, p 129

South-East Advertiser Newspaper 6 Oct 1993, pp 1& 2**

Celestial Harmonies CD cover for Mayflower Publishing, Tuscon, Arizona, USA, 1994/17 CD wooden box set “Music of Islam” and sampler*

Australian Art Link Promotional Poster, Portrait of Barry Tuckwell, Sydney 1996*

Weekend Australian Newspaper 25 Oct 1997, p 25*

24 Hours Magazine, “Parsons Progress” Review of “Music of Islam” box set, March 1998, p 60*

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Celestial Harmonies CD Cover Mayflower Publishing Tuscon, Arizona, USA 2000  “I Call Australia Home”*

Move Records CD “Last Will and Testament’ Portrait Drawing of John Sangster for liner notes*

Poster for Russian Concert 2010, Brisbane

Portrait of Barry Tuckwell hung in Queensland Conservatorium of Music for the 41st International French Horn Symposium 2010

Eagles Wings, official magazine of Anglican Grammar School, Aug 2013

There are 14 graphic works in the State Library of Queensland Collection 2013

*Indicates number of images appearing in this work



Musical Instruments - Still Life – Nine Paintings, Two Drawings

Ezra Pound, Poet - Drawing

Greta Elkins, Opera Singer – Portrait, Drawing

Dame Joan Sutherland, Opera Singer – Portrait, Five Drawings

Barry Tuckwell, French Hornist – Portrait, Two Drawings

Marcel Marceau, Mime Artist – Nine Drawings

Sydney String Quartet, Chamber Group – Eleven Drawings

Aaron Copland, Composer – Three Drawings

Herman Baumann, French Hornist – Drawing

Georg Tintner, Composer and Conductor – Portrait, Two Drawings

Lance Holt, Contra Bassist and String Instrument Maker – Portrait, Drawing

Anthony Camden, Oboist – Drawing, Monotype

Jacob and Mark Lakirovich, Violinists, Teachers – Monotype

Elisha Harrison, Violinist – Portrait

Karen Sargent, Violinist – Drawing

Peter Musson, Bassoonist – Monotype

Gunther Schuller, Composer, Conductor, Author – Two Drawings

Hossam Ramzy, Percussionist – Three Drawings

Wilhermina Fernandez – Two Drawings

Gerard Willems, Pianist – Drawing

Peter Sculthorp, Composer – Sketch

Loris Tjeknavorian - Four Drawings

Margaret Pomeranz - Drawing

Germaine Greer, Feminist, Author - Drawing

Orazio Barrese, Novelist, Screenwriter – Sketch

Samuel Beckett, Poet, Playwright - Posthumous Drawing



Les Hoveling, Saxophonist, Flautist, Clarinetist – Painting, Four Drawings, Posthumous

Rick Farbach, Bassist, Guitarist, Pianist – Drawing

Lloyd Adamson, Trumpeter – Drawing

Don Burrows, Saxophonist, Flautist, Clarinetist – Painting, Two Drawings, Two Monotypes

George Golla, Guitarist – Three Drawings, Two Monotypes

Maynard Ferguson, Trumpeter, Multi-Instrumentalist – Painting, Three Drawings

Dizzy Gillespie, Trumpeter, Pianist – Drawing

Lee Konitz, Saxophonist - Drawing

Ruby Braff, Cornetist, Trumpeter – Drawing

Art Pepper, Saxophonist, Clarinetist – Drawing

Don Menza, Saxophonist – Drawing

Errol Buddle, Multi-Instrumentalist – Three Drawings

Bob Ware, Saxophonist, Flautist, Clarinetist – Four Monotypes

Tony Hobbs, Saxophonist, Flautist – Monotype

Ed Gaston, Double Bassist, Clarinetist– Drawing

James Morrison, Multi-Instrumentalist – Painting (Unfinished), Drawing

John Sangster, Vibraphonist, Drummer, Cornetist - Painting, Two Drawings

Gerry Mulligan, Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Pianist– Two Drawings (One Posthumous)

Richie Cole, Saxophonist – Drawing

Dale Barlow, Multi-Instrumentalist - Drawing



“The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri – Three Paintings, Four Drawings

“Moses in the Desert” – Painting

“Christ in the Wilderness” – Painting

“From Ghent to Aix” – Painting

“Gaspard de la Nuit” by Louis Bertrand – Two Paintings, Four Drawings    (This subject is ongoing)

“King Lear” – Two Paintings, Two Drawings

“MacBeth” – Drawing, Monotype

“Salome” – Painting, Two Drawings

“Carmen” – Painting

“Oedipus” – Drawing

“Judas” – Drawing

“Christ, Crucifixion” – Fresco, Drawing

“Risen Christ” – Two Drawings

“Belly Dancer” – Two Drawings, Pastel

“The Stripper” Pepper Black – Three Drawings

“Mack the Knife” – Two Drawings, Monotype

“The Man with the Golden Arm” – Drawing

“Feast of Fools” – Two Drawings

“Christ in Emmaus’ – Fresco, Five Cartoons

“Madonna and Child” – Fresco, Drawing, Six Cartoons

“Commedia Dell’Arte” – Six Paintings, Two Drawings

“Calling of St. Peter” – Painting



Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen, Premier of Queensland – Painting

Sir Gordon Chalk, Treasurer and Premier of Queensland – Painting

Mr Vince Gair, Premier of Queensland – Painting

Mr Edward Hanlon, Premier of Queensland – Painting

Mr Jack Pizzy, Premier of Queensland – Painting

Sir David Nicholson, Speaker, Queensland Parliament – Drawing, Painting

Mr Jim Houghton, Speaker, Queensland Parliament – Painting

Mr Samuel Brassington, Speaker, Queensland Parliament – Painting

Mr John Mann, Speaker, Queensland Parliament – Painting

Mr Elvin Harvey, Furniture Maker – Painting

Mr Norbert Byrne, Businessman – Painting

Mr Pat O’Brien, Businessman – Painting

Mr Mick Simpson, Businessman – Painting

Mr William Stone, Businessman – Painting

Professor A. Wilson, The University of Queensland – Painting

Mr K Waller, School Principal – Painting

Mr C Ellis, School Principal – Painting

Dr S. Mellick, Former Head of the Anatomy Department, The University of Queensland – Painting



Mother Teresa

Dame Sister Mary Leo

Tino Petronzio

Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Peter Hackworth

Rock 'n' Roll George

Peter Carseldine